What’s Nails Bar?
Tell us your big idea…
We are not manicurists. We are more like artisans,
artisans working in an atelier. We see your nails as canvas.
And we express on your nails your big idea. Whether it’s
the classic look for the daily grind or something funky for a
night out with the girls.
Maybe it’s about the fengshui – for that game of mahjong
or for matching with your lucky colours.
Maybe it’s about a pattern and colour scheme that can
express your pysche – that you are ready for battle or
that you have fallen in love.
Maybe it’s just about your identity – the ever changing
Or perhaps you are not quite sure. We are always ready
to talk to you and create that big idea with you.


Let our creativity touch you

Artists without Attitude
It is not just about nails or spa treatment. It is to
shower you with care so that your time spent
with us can be truly relaxing. We don’t just
remember your name. We remember you, down
to your favourite beverage, preferred styles, and
dog’s birthday.
Ok, maybe not, but you know what we are saying.
A History of Excellence
We know what excellence is. Our nail artisans have
won competitions. We are one of the pioneers of
this industry, bringing in new styles, designs and
techniques from as early as 2003.
That is why we have been able to exceed
expectations not just for value but for quality as well.