Be-YOU-ti-ful Nails

Many people don’t understand that your mani / pedi is more than just a shade of colour or two. At Nails Bar, we do. We understand it is about expressing your identity, your individuality, your personal style.

Classic French / Reverse French / Classic American

Our manicurists are experts in these styles. They are able to pull off the classic timeless look so that even your friends wearing intricate nail art will envy your elegance.

French vs American

Classic American

Our signature American manicure has less noticeable ends, with a faint white or creamy colour for a more natural appearance. The entire nail is coated with a light or skin colour tone.

It is pretty and more natural, with a defined tip like a French manicure. This is also the look worn by all of the Victoria’s Secret angels.

Nail Atelier

Just as important, we have the right technicians to express what you have in mind using your nails as canvas.

Like Michelangelo, Raphael, the Impressionists, and other masters differentiated themselves from other artists, it’s the same for our manicurists. Every stroke is painstakingly defined, every shade impeccably applied.  Every stone is set in place like a jeweller and every 3D art is sculpted with heart.

That is why the end result is a true work of art.