Foot Bath


Foot bath

1. Herbal footbath

Herbal contains 14 types of natural herbs. It is safe, enjoyable ad effective treatment for various foot problems. It has an intensive cleansing and deodorising action. Promote sleep, stop foot odour, and treat colds with herbal baths. Also effective for people with arthritis or joint pains.

2. Milk & Honey

Milk soothes and softens the skin. Honey replenishes nutrients and moisture.

3. Wild Ginger Foot Bath

This is a powerful detoxification foot bath. Wild Ginger helps to relax the whole body and cleanse the body of toxins accumulated. It treats athlete’s foot, gout heel pain, sinusitis, headache, flu-like symptoms and musculoskeletal tension.

4. Essential Oil Foot Bath

A relaxing foot soak with warm oils specially blended to suit your needs. Relax, while your feet drink in the goodness. Your skin will feel soft, smooth and hydrated.

5. Red Wine with Rose Petal Foot Bath 

It replenishes trace elements, adjusts your body current, eliminates fatigue, removes minor skin inflammation, stops itchiness, exfoliates, and removes dead skin surface, and revitalises.

6. Cuccio Naturale’s DetoSoakTM   

Cuccio Naturale’s DetoSoak is a soothing and refreshing detox foot soak. The soak contains Citrus Aurantium Amara Peel to soothe and refresh skin, magnesium sulfate to naturally detox, cleanse the feet and a botanical blast of herbal extracts that help to soothe and refresh, relieve stress and elevate mood.