Manicure Basics Part 2 – Accent

If your nails are what adds accent to you, then the accent nail functions like inception,
the accent within the accent. Or you know when you have those fish paste in a fishball
thingy – fish inception.

 For the purpose of the assassination, we have to chomp our way through many layers of fish paste consciousness in order to plant a…. fish bone

For the purpose of the assassination, we have to chomp our way through many layers of fish paste consciousness in order to plant a…. fish bone











Accent nails were once a way for people to go into manicure art without really fully
going into it due to work conventions, budget, or other reasons. Today, the accent
nail you choose could express your lifestyle or other hidden meanings and trends.










As a rule of thumb (or of ring), the ring finger is king. This is by far the most commonly
accented finger. It is symmetrical without coming across as vulgar. It doesn’t get used as
much as, say, the thumb or the index finger, so it’s likely to last longer, yet it has
greater prominence than the pinkie. Today, the accent finger could be any of your ten

The Index Finger

This is the pointer. It is perfect when you spend much of your time pointing so it
would be a good choice for a teacher, someone who constantly presents on the board,
or maybe a dog trainer.










The (ahem) Middle Finger

If I put it nicely, I would say you are outspoken, and want to soften things with a pretty
finger, but another to put it would be that you are simply rebellious, not giving a damn
about conventions. But then again, maybe you’re just really big on symmetry.










The Ring Finger

The ring finger is probably the original accent finger. Very often, women accent this finger
to show a happy engagement, or a marriage, or perhaps they are hinting their boyfriend about
something… Despite that, the ring finger is the most popular and arguably the most
aesthetically pleasing accent you can bestow upon your manicure.










The Thumb

The thumb is seldom the accent finger for many reasons. It’s seldom seen. It could look a little
weird, since it throws symmetry out of whack. But if you are a professional gamer, or if you use
your smartphone constantly, then the thumb would be an excellent accent. It also makes sense if
you constantly have to carry a handle, like a golf club’s or a racquet’s.








The Pinkie

Many manicurists don’t recommend this. But I think it looks great if you’re going for the really
sweet, demure, little girl demeanour. Or maybe you love going for your high tea or sewing things.
In short, it’s syrupy and clean. Like the thumb, the pinkie very often works with another accent








Ultimately, it boils down to your own creativity. Why not have more than one accent nail? Now,
let’s get it on.

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