Manicure Colour Theory 1 – Determining Undertones














Undertone is critical in determining if what you put on is more knockout
or turnoff. It determines if your clothes, hair colour, handbag, makeup,
shoes match you. Obviously, it should be a serious consideration when
deciding manicure colour(s) as well.

Certain colours brighten up skin tones, complementing perfectly, while
others just clashes with the skin tone, looking just somewhat wrong.
That is why I make sure all my nail technicians are trained in advising
my clients in the hue that should choose.









To begin, understand that your complexion and undertone are two different
things. The former refers to the surface colour of your skin. It can
change with the seasons. The latter, however, remains constant. Undertones
can be one of the following, cool, warm, or neutral.

The White vs Cream Test

Lose the makeup and pull your hair back so your hair colour does not
affect your judgement. In fact, lose your clothes too. Now pull out
two dresses, one white and one off white and hold them to your body.
Generally, if pure white matches you more, your undertones are warm. If
you look pale and washed out and off-white matches you more, then your
undertones might be cool. If both colours look great on your, your skin
may have neutral undertones.













Tanned vs Burnt

How does your skin react to the sun? Do you get tanned or burnt? If you
have warm undertones, you most probably tan easily while you’ll probably
burn easily instead if you have cool undertones. Again, if this doesn’t
really make things clear for you, you might have neutral undertones.











Silver vs Gold

I’m sure many of you already know this – generally, you are supposed to
match the metals you wear, white gold to white gold and gold to gold.
That’s why choosing which hardware you’ll have on your Chanel bag is as
much part of being fashion savvy as choosing the right shoes for an event.
But which metal suits you more? If gold is your colour, then warm is your
undertone. If silver is better, then your undertone is cool. Again, if both
suit you, you might have neutral undertones.











Green Vs Blue

Probably the fastest way to settle this without any implements is to look at
your wrists, at your veins, under natural light. If your veins tend towards
green, you are warm. If your veins have a bluish tint, or even a hint of
purple, then your undertones are cool. I’m green in one hand and bluish in
the other so I’m more of a neutral.











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