Artisan Manicurist

Our Artisan Manicurist was a painter until she decided to try her hand at manicuring. That’s why she sees your nails not as nails but as sets of canvas for her artistic expression. She believes manicure art to be a two way process. You tell her about your idea – colours, mood, occasion, etc and, if need be, she suggests designs. Nail art is not just about colours and patterns for her. It is about a form of self-expression, a statement that You make. When she’s not painting nails she’s copying Van Gogh.


Our foot bath and callus technician isn’t an actual doctor. But we call her the Podiatrist anyway because she is so well-versed in anything related to foot science. On a good day, she could look at a footprint and tell you the weight and sex of the person who made it. She could also tell you the person’s favourite colour and her health condition. Just kidding. But she really knows which nutrients suit your feet most, whether its fruits and red wine or milk and honey. And she exterminates feet callous like a charm. Her hobby is trying to turn sandpaper to silk.

Spa Guru

The Spa Guru has a strong philosophy in life.  She believes every woman should have three prized assets – smooth skin, tender skin, and flawless skin. A woman should look great, yes. But a woman should also feel great for her pet, for her loved one, and most importantly, for herself. Aromatic candles, roses, and collagen with aloe vera may sound like a romantic dessert item in a fine dining restaurant. But she sees essential oils and nutrients to make your hands silky and soft. Her favourite dessert is douhua.

Lyrical Waxer

There was once the Lyrical Waxer found something in her soup. A strand of hair. That was when she declared war against all body hair. When everyone’s eating braised chicken, she’s using her personal tweezers to pluck the hair off the skin. And then she became our Lyrical Waxer, removing hair with poetry, and most importantly, without pain. “A woman shouldn’t look pretty  only from far,” she says. “She should also look pretty up close, under the magnifying glass.” She’s got a bald husband.