Diamonds and Gems

  • Diamonds and Gems

    Look a millionaire dollars instantly. Let us set your stones with the precision of a jeweler.

  • Freehand Art

    Maybe not Da Vinci yet, but our nail artisans can create breathtaking art on your nails.

  • Acrylic 3-D

    Sculpting and molding for those who prefer to elevate their nail art to the next dimension

  • Finger Wax

    Post wax treatment oil included in process.

  • Full Arm

    Post wax treatment oil included in process.

  • Half Leg

    Post wax treatment oil included in process.

  • Classic Gel Mani / Classic Gel Pedi

    This is everything that the classic manicure or pedicure provides. Except that it is built to last. Glossier finish and long-lasting results. This comprises feet or hand bath, nail shaping, removal of cuticles, massage and followed by nail colour or buff to shine, with use of gel.

  • Classic Mani / Classic Pedi

    Whenever you need your basic grooming fix. We’ll file your nails to ship shape condition followed your cuticle care and super strength callus removing process to zap those unsightly dead cells. Finished with our complimentary scrub and moisturizing massage, topped off with your choice of 500 colours. Classic beauty.

  • Express Mani / Express Pedi

    We’ll shape & polish you in a jiffy for those I-need-to-look-good-NOW moments. Perfect for your between appointment touch ups. Satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Express Gel Mani / Express Gel Pedi

    The best of both worlds – fast and long lasting. And without comprising the service and quality we are synonymous with.
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