Wax Lyrical


Get stripped!

It is not just about looking gorgeous, but about feeling gorgeous as well.

    1. Does it hurt?

Everyone has different pain thresholds. Some people say it’s totally pain free. But we won’t say that is the case for everyone. What we can do is to adapt the treatment to your threshold accordingly. For example, if you find it very painful then we wouldn’t do large pieces at a time and would stretch your skin a bit more. It is the small touches that make the experience as pleasant for you as possible, from a warm chat to a cup of hot tea of your choice.

    1. Do I have to get on all fours?

Obviously not! Not only is that degrading but, let’s not beat about the bush, we also do not offer bikini waxing.

    1. What’s special about your waxing?

Ours is the peel off style wax which doesn’t stick to the skin. We slap on some oil after that to moisturise the skin cells and give a luxuriant smooth glow. Oh, and because our process removes all the dead skin cells, your skin will look fairer as well.

    1. How long does it take for the hair to grow back?

It depends on the individual but it takes, on the average, around a month. The more treatments you undergo, the finer your hair grows back. And it doesn’t grow back like when you shave or use removal cream. Eventually, the time between your treatments could go as long as 6 weeks.

    1. Does the hair grow back prickly?

No. The hair will be pulled out from the root so it grows back softer and finer, unlike when you use removal cream or shave, where you chop the top off so it comes back blunt and prickly.

    1. How long does a treatment take?

Usually 20-30 minutes. It may take longer than that when it’s your first appointment, to make sure that you can get used to the sensations.

    1. What if I’m really hairy?

It doesn’t make a difference to us but do take note that it can be a little bit more uncomfortable should your hair be slightly on the long side.

    1. Will waxing help me if I suffer from ingrown hairs a lot?

Ingrown hairs occur usually due to the hair follicle being damaged or due to a build up of skin in that area, preventing the hair from growing out. We exfoliate before the treatment and this helps considerably.

    1. Can everyone have this treatment done?

Yes, whether you are young or mature, pregnant or carefree.